How to Plan a West to East Coast Move in Less Than a Month

How to Plan a West to East Coast Move in Less Than a Month

A long-distance move is a major undertaking that will disrupt most aspects of your life. Many people who are planning to move across the country have several months to prepare for the experience. However, when you are moving from one coast to the other with four weeks or less to plan and prepare, you can easily feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the project that looms in front of you. These tips can help you to walk through the next few weeks more easily.

Make a List

One aspect of a long-distance, last-minute move that can cause the most stress is feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. You may be running through to-do items in your head, and this can result in severe anxiety. Spend a few minutes listing all of your to-do items on paper to make them concrete. Take the next step to prioritize the items regarding the importance, and assign a deadline for each item. For example, setting up utility services in your new home typically needs to be completed approximately one week before your relocation. Cross items off the list once they are complete to visualize the progress that you are making.

Recruit Help

Now that you have a to-do list with priorities and deadlines, you can more easily see the challenges that you may need help dealing with. Packing is one of the most time-consuming aspects of relocating, and this is a task that friends and family may be willing to help you with. If not, consider using professional packing services like those offered by Great Guys Moving, Two Men and a Truck or a local mover for at least some rooms in your home. Remember to also book professional moving services for your scheduling moving day.

Choose the Right Moving Materials

Boxes are the most common and obvious type of moving supplies used in a relocation project, but you will need other items as well. This includes protective materials, such as bubble wrap and wrapping paper. It also includes box tape and permanent markers. A convenient way to transport linens and pillows is by tossing them into a plastic bag. Plastic bags are sturdy enough to hold these lightweight and bulky items, and the bags can quickly be moved around as needed.

Do a Little Each Day

Some people tend to shut down when the stress of a situation is too much to handle. However, this can make matters worse because it leaves more for you to do in less time. The smart idea is to do a little each day. For example, one day, clean out and pack up one room in your home. Another day, run a carload of items that you do not want to a charitable organization. Pick up more moving supplies while you are out or order them online. If you devote an hour or two to the relocation project each day, you can be very well-prepared for moving day.

These steps can help you to manage your relocation tasks more efficiently. When you feel burnt out by the process, simply think ahead to how amazing your life will be in a few short weeks when you are settling into your new space.

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